Frangipani Beach Resort – Come to Anguilla and Indulge in Luxury

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It was the year when I had found my new root in Delray Beach, Florida. But, before leaving to that Palm Beach County’s coastal city, I stayed a few days on Meads Bay and captured the wonderful beauty of the Frangipani Beach Resort with my Canon 5D Mark III. I lived near Long Bay at that time – the big, lovely beach that is just minutes away from the wonderful beach resort. I’d rather tell you to look into my photos attached to this post to figure out how wonderful it will be to make a trip to this paradise!


My Photo Trip to the Frangipani Beach Resort

Located in the Eastern Caribbean, Anguilla is a British overseas territory that encompasses around a small main island and a number of offshore islets. The small region is blessed by Mother Nature as she bestows it with long sandy beaches, secluded coves, turquoise ocean, and wildlife.

The Frangipani Resort is a family run hotel owned by a lovely, friendly couple, Scott and Shannon. I went there to take photos of the beautiful hotel featuring 19 rooms and suites, 2 pools, and beautiful surrounding offering an exquisite island getaway. You can also enjoy various water sports and hire any of their two private boats to make a pleasure trip to the neighboring Sandy Island or Prickly Pear.

Sandy Island is just a sandy patch of land that has probably only two coconut trees! But, oh boy, how beautiful the tiny land is! It has a stunning reef and the sand there is just white purity surrounded by a palette of colors from blue to transparent green. It has a restaurant and a full service bar where good food and drinks are readily available.

I frequently visited there with my friend Judd and we either did kitesurfing or just relaxed on the beach with a good, cold beer while enjoying the sunset. The food was also good and I actually had a terrific warm crayfish salad in the restaurant! Life in Anguilla is indeed beautiful only if you know how to enjoy it fully.

Inside the Frangipani Anguilla Hotel

Many hotels are there in Anguilla and specially in the Meads Bay but the Frangipani Beach Resort has created a unique position as one of the best luxury boutique hotels in the Anguillan wetland.

The rooms in the hotel are decorated in a very Caribbean style and feature a well-equipped kitchen, flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, a bathroom with hydro-massage cave shower, and balcony to enjoy the delightful views of the beach and sunset. The hotel’s own Straw Hat Restaurant offers guests free continental breakfast. I enjoyed breakfast, lunch, and dinner in that restaurant under a starry Caribbean sky.

If you don’t like to stay in the hotel rooms and prefer privacy, book the 4-bedroom Villa sitting on the beautiful Meads Bay beach. It offers ultimate luxury, breathtaking beach view, and the extravagance of an almost private beach! The beach also has a beach bar and charming terrace with Palapa huts where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous views while sipping into your drinks.

Check out the photos I took during my trip to the Frangipani Beach Resort. I bet they will surely convince you to stay in that beautiful hotel during your Anguilla trip or I’ll change my profession!

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